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Label Biography

Label Biography

Free Minds Records was born in January 2010 in order to represent and promote all the new talents of psychedelic trance around the world. Since 2010, our label grew and expanded its roster of artists. Nowadays, it has renowned Live Act and DJ Set artists that are demonstrating their value in the current international psychedelic scene. The main goal and objective was always the continued growth of knowledge, quality and skilled artists representing and working with our label seal in order to bring you the best of the underground psychedelic music worldwide. Right now already counting with a massive battalion of music producers, deejays, graphic and web designers.

Our image has changed in order to reinforce our stand among other labels, with a refreshing logo representing what we stand for and a sober, simple yet more professional looking website. 

We thought it was time to change. Join us in our new psychedelic journey!